Depression Caused By Low Self-Esteem

If you’re reading this, it’s likely because living a life of happiness is of great importance to you. You want to feel good about yourself, celebrating all the wonderful, unique characteristics that make you who you are. A positive self-image and outlook on life¬†will open the door to incredible opportunities, relationships, and experiences. It starts, however, with your beliefs about yourself. If a low level of self-worth has brought on feelings of depression, and you’re wondering if any steps can be taken to effectively eliminate those negative feelings, we would like to help. To start, here are three basic steps to help you begin your journey to light, peace, and joy.

Depression Caused By Low Self-Esteem

1. Think positively

This is a basic, but fundamental, first step to a healthy self-image. In an average day, tons of thoughts float through our minds. If we’re not actively choosing the positive ones and disregarding the false, negative ones, we’ll find ourselves believing things that are utterly untrue. Let’s say, for instance, you have a belief that you’re unattractive. Perhaps somewhere in your past, the idea presented itself, and you unknowingly accepted it as a reality. As a result, your self-esteem has been negatively impacted. The truth is that you’re beautiful. Not necessarily because the world has told you so, but because it’s simply a fact. You are your own individual, and therefore you decide who you are. You’re smart, you’re confident, and you’re valuable. No one else has the right to tell you otherwise, except for you. Once you know and understand your truth, begin to disregard every thought that does not fall in line with what you know.

2. Positive affirmations

You may have heard this approach once or twice, as it is quite popular. The idea behind positive affirmations is that if you can think a positive thought and speak it aloud, your subconscious mind will take notice and begin to believe that what you’re saying is true. Let’s go back to our example about feeling unattractive. If this is true for you, try saying, “I love you and I accept you” each time a negative thought enters your mind and attempts to attack your self-esteem. You may giggle at first, or think the exercise is silly and that’s okay. Keep repeating it over and over until it begins to ring true for you. Do this every morning for at least a month. Over time, you will start to see the validity in what you’re saying and your old beliefs about your self-image will fade away.

3. Spend time alone

You are with yourself 24 hours a day. It stands to reason, then, that you should be your own best friend. An awesome way to boost self-esteem is to spend some time getting to know yourself. Figure out your likes and dislikes. Try out some new hobbies and discover your many talents. Simply taking care of yourself can be a self-esteem enhancer. Get dressed up and go out to eat or purchase something nice for yourself (within reason, of course). Time alone will help you develop self-love. And when you love yourself, a boost in self-esteem is sure to follow.

It’s important to realize that although many things in this day-and-age are instant, self-improvement is not. Change takes time, so please be gentle with yourself. Know that you’re on the right path and doing the best you can. You already have everything needed to make a positive change toward a more fulfilling life within you. You’re wonderful and worthy of the very best, and your efforts to increase your self-esteem and self-worth demonstrate that we are in agreement. You can contact us at Family Restoration Counseling when you’re ready, and we will gladly help you on your journey to long-lasting joy. Try your best and never give up. With a little patience, time, and love you will ultimately bloom into the amazing human being you were created to be.