Adolescence is a time for change. As if this strange time of bodily transformation was not enough,  teens may not sure of the expectations placed upon them throughout this process.  They may be getting mixed signals of expectations from family members, schools and the community.  It’s not easy to cross the bridge from childhood to adulthood when it seems that the bridge lengthens and shortens based on the circumstances at hand.  Yet parents must provide the structure and manage the rate of growth for each adolescent individually.  Our therapists will ask that any caretakers attend the initial session with our counselors in order to affirm the caretaker’s role as the authority in the teen’s life.

Today’s teens encounter more complex issues earlier in life than at perhaps any other time in history.  Struggles in these areas can result in stress, decreased ability to cope, and tendencies toward isolation and withdrawal and even depression.  We can help.

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