Marriage Therapy

Marriage therapy may be focused on enrichment of healthy relationships or improving certain aspects of otherwise healthy marriages. Learn More

Couples in Crisis

Sometimes it feels as though there is little hope left after sudden or cumulative strain impacts a marriage. Before you make a decision that will potentially impact so many lives so significantly, see one of our counselors and tap into the resources we have to offer. Learn More

Blended Families

Blended families present unique and sometimes extraordinary challenges. However, with special insights and an intentional approach to family life, blended families can be healthy, exciting and rewarding. Learn More

Christian Counseling

Some potential clients are hesitant to enter into professional counseling for fear that they will receive counsel that is inconsistent with their value system and beliefs. Upon your request, we offer Biblical counseling to enable you to make desired change against the backdrop of Biblical Truth. Learn More


Contemporary teens struggle with more complex issues earlier in life than perhaps at any other time in history. The results can include increased stress, decreased ability to cope, and tendencies toward isolation and withdrawal. We can help. Learn More

Life Stage Issues

Sometimes the experiences that we have anticipated are accompanied by challenges that we did not foresee. From new marriages and first children to the empty nest and retirement, life is both rewarding and challenging. If you feel stuck or find yourself wondering why you are struggling give us a call. Learn More

Healing from Marital Infidelity

Life after marital infidelity is complex for both parties. Whether you are working to salvage your marriage or seeking to develop a plan to prevent the same choices and outcomes in the future, it is helpful to have an experienced counselor who understands the healing process. Learn More

Premarital Therapy

Preparation for marriage should include identifying and communicating about potential stressors. Troubleshooting and planning can be crucial to early growth and success in marriage. Our experienced therapists offer helpful insights to prepare for this exciting step in life. Learn More

Re-marital Therapy

Pain from previous relationships accompanied by feelings of failure, are often carried into a new relationship resulting in repetition of the same behavioral patterns. Rather than approaching a new relationship with fear you can learn to master new skills to increase positive results. Learn More

Addiction Recovery Maintenance

Our therapists have experience leading groups in recovery for life programs as well as other programs for court-ordered offenders. They understand the importance of taking the necessary steps to live day-to-day in recovery and offer support in this process. Learn More