Healing from Marital Infidelity

The revelation of an extramarital affair may represent the ultimate marital crisis.  The extreme emotions experienced by each party make it difficult to know where to start the reparative process or if it is even an option.  Whether you are working to salvage your marriage or seeking to develop a plan to prevent the same choices and outcomes in the future, it is helpful to work with an experienced counselor who understands the healing process.  Our counselors have had the privilege of working with many couples that, through therapy, have reached a deeper level of intimacy than they previously enjoyed.  As with any crisis, there is a need to restore a sense of   emotional safety, mutual commitment and vulnerability.

In our experience, it is not uncommon for a woman who discovers that her partner has a significant issue with pornography to experience the same doubts and fears and sense of betrayal as a woman who discovers that her partner has had an extramarital affair.  It is important to be educated about this and have guidance as you learn to heal as a couple from these wounds.

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