How to Begin Couple’s Therapy

Couple’s therapy is a scary thought for some people to consider. Let seeking help for your relationship be a promising thought, not a scary one. If you and your partner seem to have the same fight over and over with no resolution, couple’s therapy can help you. Knowing that you, and hopefully your partner, are considering therapy is reassuring. You love and care about each other enough to fix the problems instead of ignoring them or letting them ruin your relationship.

How to Begin Couple's Therapy

After you and your partner decide that couple’s therapy may help, call or email us to request your consultation. There will be forms that you need to fill out, they are available for download on our website. It is helpful for both partners to attend the first session. It’s important that you and your partner have found a therapist that you both can connect with. Hopefully, your partner has agreed to come with you to the first session, and the two of you are willing to give therapy a fair shot. If your partner is apprehensive and decides not to go to the first session with you that’s okay, therapy can still help.

Couple’s therapy will not tell you what to do, it is not a place to fight so that the therapist can mediate. Go in with an idea of what you are looking to accomplish and what you want to talk about. Couple’s therapy is about teaching you and your partner the skills to resolve the conflicts on your own. Therapy is not something that you have to do every week for the rest of your relationship. The primary purpose of couple’s therapy is learning to adjust patterns and behavior and change the dysfunctional habits into functional ones. Couple’s therapy is not restricted just to those trying to fix a dysfunctional marriage; it is for couples who are seeking the skills to help resolve issues on their own.

No relationship is perfect, but we can help teach you the skills to make your relationship happy and healthy, contact us now for your consultation.