Back to School: How Counseling Can Help

With back to school just around the corner, our team of experts at Family Restoration Counseling Services would like to provide you with steps to make this year as successful and painless as possible.

Here are few tips to help get you started:

Back to School: How Counseling Can Help


It can be helpful to begin shifting from the late nights that accompany some summer routines to a sleep schedule that is more reminiscent of the school year.  A successful routine establishment can help reduce anxiety and stress levels on the first day for both parents and children by setting expectations early and helping to reset young bodies and minds.

Create a Countdown:

It can be helpful to create a visual representation of time that you can utilize with your children or teens to help them better understand the coming shift from summer to fall.  We encourage you to be creative and inclusive; it can be as simple as a picture on the fridge, a link of chains to mark the days to pass, or even a special digital calendar. Helping your children better prepare for larger changes can help reduce potential anxiety and even provide a sense of excitement for the coming school year.

Check In:

As the school year approaches some children and teens may find themselves struggling with issues surrounding the change of a new classroom, and potentially a new school.  It is important to check in with your child to be sure that you are aware of any potential anxiety and stress inducing challenges that your child may be facing this coming year; perhaps you can help them find ways to prepare for these challenges or contact us for additional help.