How to Be Happy Again After Marital Infidelity

When a couple decides to enter marriage, the last thing that is thought about is difficult times that they may face. We like to consider our marriage immune from outside influences. However, marriage takes work, and when communication becomes broken, one or both spouses may seek alternative ways to satisfy a need for connection.

How to Be Happy Again After Marital Infidelity

Marital infidelity is typically a symptom of a greater cause. A person does not usually step outside of their marriage vows unless they are feeling that something has broken down in their union. A couple may have gone through a traumatic event together, and instead of drawing nearer to each other, they begin to avoid each other. Over a period, avoidance can turn into bitterness. The couple may begin feeling like they are roommates, and one or both may try to find value in themselves by seeking someone other than their spouse.

A common misconception is that marital infidelity is purely the fault of the person who is not being faithful. While the spouse that cheated does need to carry the heavier weight of the blame, the cause of a broken marriage is what needs to be examined if the couple wants to move forward and rebuild their marriage. To that end, it is important that the spouse that is the victim of infidelity also take some of the responsibility for the breakdown that occurred in the marriage. This is not to say that the victim take responsibility for the cheating, but simply to understand that the infidelity is the symptom of broken communication and hurt feelings that have been manifesting over time.

The good news is that the marriage can be repaired if both parties are willing to work through their issues. This requires both parties to understand the role that they played in the events leading up to the infidelity. Through marriage counseling, a couple can better understand how to communicate with each other. Many times, the event of infidelity can bring to the surface issues that must be addressed. Often, after therapy and effort, the marriage can become stronger. Please contact us for more information.

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