Creating a Successful Strategy for How to Save Your Marriage

Coming together as a couple can be difficult. We each come to the marriage with our own set of values, interests and habits. Making the marriage work takes time and effort. The most successful marriages apply three core principles: communication, division of duties and time for self. Here are some strategies to employ to help you succeed and save your marriage.

Creating a Successful Strategy for How to Save Your Marriage


A lot of people talk about communication but what does this really mean? This means discussing large financial purchases, being open about how you feel and most importantly, never going to bed angry with each other. Whether you are one year or 15 years into your relationship, you can’t expect your partner to read your mind and know what you are thinking on a daily basis. Talking is the cornerstone to a successful marriage. The next two suggestions for a successful marriage hinge on the area of communication.

Division of Duties

For many marriages, there are things that each partner prefers doing regularly like making dinner or doing lawn work but for those items that neither of you want to tackle, draw up a schedule for who is responsible for each item. This will alleviate any feelings of resentment if you are the one left to clean the dishes every night or stuck on walking the dog all the time.

Time For Self

Whether you are a stay at home parent or a full time working parent, everyone needs a break from the children, each other and responsibilities. Each spouse should have a night of their own. This could mean going out with friends, heading to your room to read a book or enjoy time at classes or events. We each need our together and our alone time to grow and reconnect with our inner self.

Employing some or all of these strategies will help you recharge. You will also create a greater level of understanding with your spouse in turn, developing a more loving and respectful relationship. Contact us for more information.