4 Myths of Marriage Counseling: For Better or Worse

Most women grow up thinking about their wedding day, having every single detail planned out before there is even a ring, much less a groom. Once they do fall in love and live out that dream wedding day, then they are off to start living their happily ever after, right?

4 Myths of Marriage Counseling: For Better or Worse

This is a misconception that so many newly wedded couples share, and it is also one of the factors that contributes even more stress and anxiety to couples who have been together for a while. There is a huge stigma attached to counseling that insinuates one, or both, of the parties broke one of the sacred bonds of marriage. In reality, marriage counseling is not only used as a healing method but also as a teaching method.

Here is a quick glance at four popular myths about marriage counseling.

1. Marriage Counseling should only be used when divorce has been mentioned.

Wrong! Do we only run to the store and buy bandages after we cut our finger?  Of course not! Counseling is inviting a third party, a trained helper that is on neutral ground, to have a peek around your life.  They sit and talk with you, ask you questions, and may even help your spouse understand what you are trying to say.  Do not wait until you are on the brink of divorce to seek help, when your marriage could grow so much with the right tools that counseling gives to you.

2. Marriage Counseling is only for cases of infidelity and for couples who fight.

Unfortunately, infidelity and fighting are two very real issues facing married couples today, however they are not the only reasons to seek counseling. In some cases, counseling could prevent couples from seeking extramarital affairs and could also teach them how to communicate in a healthy manner. Communication is a huge part of any relationship and sometimes we are so blinded by love that we neglect to see the imperfections until we are living with them. Learning communication techniques could help enhance your relationship and save you from misunderstandings in the future.

3. Marriage Counseling will be a quick fix

As most of us have learned, if it is too good to be true, then it probably is. Just like it has taken your partner years and years to build up those habits that are driving you crazy, it will take time for both of you to learn new patterns and ways of doing things. Come in with an open, willing mind, but you have to leave your expectations of a quick fix or timeline at the door.

4. We are too old for Marriage Counseling

Age is not a disqualifying factor when it comes to counseling.  Anyone, from fresh faced newlyweds to a couple celebrating their golden anniversary, can benefit from the guidance and help counseling provides.  Just as with anything else in this world, marital issues do not discriminate against age or any other aspect of you, your spouse and your marriage.  Do not give up!  Trials can come to any couple at any stage of their relationship, and taking the first step by reaching out for help is usually the hardest part.

Love may not be able to get you through every situation you will face as a married couple, but it is a huge component when seeking out help.  Trying to understand your partner and working through issues, is showing them how much you love them and how important your relationship is to you.  Contact us today to see how we can help with the next step in your marriage journey.