3 Signs Your Child Will Benefit From A Child Psychologist

Growing up can be difficult, and if your child is having a hard time dealing with many common situations that occur during a child’s youth, such as making friends and expressing themselves, you may want to consider letting your child talk to a child psychologist to determine if there is an underlying issue that needs to be addressed.

3 Signs Your Child Will Benefit From A Child Psychologist

1. Emotions Are High

It’s common for a child to have difficulty expressing themselves, but encountering too much trouble expressing or showing emotions may be a sign there is a problem. Does your child have tantrums at home, school or any other place? Does your child seem angry most of the time? These are two questions you should ask yourself about your child. When these tantrums or angry spells occur, write down the time and the things that happened before and after your child lashed out at you or someone else.

2. Isolation Is An Issue

If your child suddenly begins to isolate themselves, this is a red flag. Some children look forward to making new friends and expanding their circle of friends. Other children do not look forward to seeing new faces and are not fond of change, and this is okay to a certain extent. You should only be concerned if your child makes statements, such as, “I hate myself” or “everyone hates me”. Any sign your child is belittling¬†themselves is not good, but it can be handled in a positive manner by seeking the guidance and advice of a child psychologist.

3. Drastic Regression

Children regress for many reasons, including the birth of a new sibling, moving, divorce, and a variety of other situations. Many children do not respond well to traumatic, sudden or dramatic changes in their lives, but this is normal. You should be concerned when your child is regressing to the point of wetting the bed, having frequent tantrums that are not caused by a sudden change in their lives, and clingy behavior. If these symptoms occur frequently after one month of a drastic change, such as enrolling in a new school or something to a similar effect, this is a sign of an underlying issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

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