Is It Possible to Heal After Marital Infidelity?

Finding out a partner has cheated is one of the most painful experiences you can have in your marriage. In addition to feeling hurt and angry, you may also be feeling confusing emotions such as relief that you finally know the truth. While healing from marital infidelity will take work, you can emerge from this trying time with renewed confidence by focusing on the following strategies.

Understand the Underlying Cause

Affairs never happen for no reason. Usually, there has already been a breakdown in the marriage that contributes to the decision to be unfaithful. Difficulty handling stress, ineffective communication or sexual addiction are a few common reasons for infidelity. While this does not give a person an excuse to have an affair, understanding the underlying reason for it serves as a starting point toward healing.

Is It Possible to Heal After Marital Infidelity?

Surround Yourself With Support

The discovery that the one person you should be able to trust has betrayed you can shake your belief system to the core. For this reason, you will want to establish a support network that can help you work through your emotions. Right now, you may want to cry on your best friend’s shoulder, and that is okay. However, make sure to also include professional counseling in your support network since they can help you take an objective look at how to get over infidelity in your marriage.

Be Patient With the Process

Healing from infidelity takes time, and some days will be easier than others. Everyone wants an instant answer about whether or not to stay in their marriage, yet this is one decision that is best determined after you work through your feelings and identify the underlying cause. As you make this journey, rest assured that you will heal in time.

Being betrayed by your spouse just hurts, yet the only way to heal is to face your situation head on. As you begin to move forward, contact us so our counselors can help you get on the right track for mending your heart.