If You’re Living With Anxiety You’re Not Alone

We have all dealt with anxiety at some point in our lives such as when starting a new job or new school. A majority of us are able to recognize the anxious feeling and use coping mechanisms to deal with it and move forward. For some people, anxiety is not so easy to cope with and is a very real part of their daily lives. Thankfully there is help for those individuals living with anxiety and we know how to get them that needed help.

If You're Living With Anxiety You're Not Alone

Remember the first time you got behind the wheel of a car? Your heart pounded, your hands moistened with sweat as your breathing got a little faster and shaky. You were anxious because you understood the danger in making one wrong move. Yet, the excitement and exhilaration of learning a new skill that would grant you freedom helped you push aside the fear and move forward. Congratulation, you just recognized, processed, and pushed past anxiety.

Now imagine you feeling that same terrifying emotion inside your own home. You haven’t watched a scary movie and you haven’t had any drama in your life that day. However, for some unknown reason, your hands are sweaty and shaky. Your heart races and your shaking breaths grow quick and short. You feel afraid and the air seems to escape your lungs as you begin to panic. Somehow you must find a way to stop the terror in your brain. Finally after a few minutes (though it felt like hours) you calm down. Your breathing returns to normal and you can feel your heart slowing to a steady beat. Your hands grow steady as you wipe the sweat off your palms. You have survived another anxiety attack.

If you are the second person and you live with unexplained anxiety it’s okay. Don’t feel alone. It is estimated that approximately 18% of the nation’s population lives with anxiety. We here at Family Restoration Counseling Services would like to help you learn how to live your best life in spite of your anxiety. Our professional licensed counselors are trained and equipped to help you understand and manage your anxiety. Don’t wait a minute longer, contact us today to begin a better life than you’ve ever known.