How to Help Your Kids With School Anxiety

Every school year, many kids deal with a range of emotions and one of them is anxiety. And it’s not just teens and middle schoolers who deal with anxiety about their confidence to do well in class. There are also kindergarteners and first graders who sometimes feel anxious and experience burnout academically. If your child is dealing with anxiety about school, here are some ways to help him.

How to Help Your Kids With School Anxiety


Talk About What Will Happen in School

If your child is attending school for the first time or will be in a new grade this year, talk to your child about what will happen during his time in school. You can discuss the subjects he’ll learn and the friends he’ll make along the way. Also tell him how proud you are of him and that you know he will succeed in school. Answer any questions your child might have about school, and maybe you can bring him to meet his teacher before the first day of school.

Bring Your Child to a Psychologist

If the anxiety has gotten severe and is now interfering with his grades, it might be time to bring him to a child psychologist. The psychologist can get to the root of the problem and recommend strategies to reduce the anxiety in your child.

Talk With The Teachers About the Issue

Another thing you can do is meet with the teacher concerning your child’s anxiety. Discuss your concerns and come up with feasible ways to make your child’s learning better in spite of the anxiety. Maybe the teacher can not call on your child as frequently as the other kids in class, or she might have him take tests in a separate part of the class.

In conclusion, these strategies can help your child overcome school anxiety.

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