4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Christian Counseling

When life gets rough and problems start mounting, a good counselor can do much to help. But not all counselors are “created equal.” It isn’t just a matter of experience or skill—In counseling, perhaps more than most other professions, worldview, beliefs, and attitudes are of utmost importance.

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Christian Counseling

A Christian and non-Christian technician or plumber can more or less perform their jobs with identical results. But when it comes to counseling, Christian counselors are able to offer far more than their non-Christian counterparts:

A Christian counselor can offer you a trusted perspective, grounded on truth

God is the one who created the world and set all of its laws into motion, including physical and psychological laws. He has revealed his truth in his Word, and those who honor him are given wisdom and help in daily life.

Non-Christian counselors can only rely on experience and the advice and ideas of others who have gone before them—some of which have been proven wrong in times past. Many theories put forth by those who do not acknowledge God’s perspective are only best-guesses—sometimes they are right, sometimes they are wrong.

If God is the source of truth, it makes sense to go directly to Him for help, through the wise counsel of trusted, Godly counselors, rather than to make guesses—even educated guesses.

A Christian counselor answers to a higher authority

When people are vulnerable, having a responsible, loving counselor is imperative.

A counselor who has given his or her life to Jesus will care for you by not only avoiding hurting you, but they will go the extra mile to help you, because that is what Jesus modeled for all Christians.

In a Christian counselor’s eyes, you are not just another patient—you are a beloved child of God, and a brother or sister in Christ. That perspective will guide all of their interactions with you.

If your counselor gets stuck, he/she know who to turn to

Some (actually most) problems that counselees struggle with are too great for human wisdom alone to deal with. That’s why we need counselors in the first place.

When other counselors have exhausted all their knowledge and options and do not know what to do, the Christian counselor knows that there is always hope in going to the Lord for help.

This does not mean that God only speaks to Christian counselors and never uses secular counselors to advise and help sufferers, but it does mean that Christian counselors are more open to listening for and following His voice.

A Christian counselor can pray with you

The Bible advises Christians: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

There are times when it is hard to pray alone. God feels distant, our problems too great to overcome.

At these times, a Christian counselor can help by praying with you. They know who they are talking to, and they understand the importance of prayer.

Prayer is one of the most important aspects in a healthy life, yet how many do it regularly—alone or with others? A Christian counselor can help guide you in prayer, and even pray for you.

Everyone needs counsel. Some may need professional counsel more than others. At these times, choosing a wise counselor is important.

Since truth, wisdom, life, and healing come from God, it only makes sense to choose a counselor who acknowledges and accepts God’s wisdom and power in his or her counseling practice. Only such a counselor can give a counselee the best chance at returning to life renewed, revitalized, and refreshed.

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