Benefits of Christian Counseling

Could you benefit from Christian Counseling? Christian Counseling can be a great benefit to a marriage, personal struggle or family issue. The Bible teaches that Biblical Christian Counseling is important. It isn’t so much about doctrinal methods or content, but about Jesus Christ’s teachings and how we can apply those to our life. The foundation for this counseling is the application of God’s truth to the heart. Christian Counseling is one avenue God can use to help you walk through the process of healing and change.

Christian Counseling is for those that want to abide by the teachings and traditions of Christianity and desire to gain full reliance on God. There are many areas where Christian Counseling can help. Some examples are: depression, marital problems, family issues, addition and grief or loss of a loved one.

Christian Counseling isn’t about overcoming the pain that is caused by life’s difficulties, it is about using the truths of the Bible, the tools of the mental health profession and life experience to help those in need. God is the ultimate healer and Biblical Christian Counseling is simple one avenue that God can provide the needed healing and life change.

We offer a rich climate of professional Christian Counseling and offer this service to all of our clients, upon request.While some pastors may provide counseling as it pertains to their role in the church, it is always a good idea to seek professional counseling services by a Licensed Professional Counselor.

Family Restoration Counseling provides a variety of counseling services in Dallas, Mesquite, Plano and Garland. We have two office locations for your convenience. One located in Dallas and the second in Mesquite.

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