Why Try Counseling?

Why should you try counseling? For some it is because of a new situation in their life, others have been battling a situation or problem for years and finally decided to try family counseling, marriage counseling, addiction counseling or one of our other therapy services.

Through our practice in Dallas and Mesquite, we’ve found there are several reasons people say “no” to counseling.

1. “Talking about their problems makes things worse.” – Talking about your problems can help you understand your problem more completely. This brings a better understanding of choices and options, and helps lead to better decision making. Talking is exactly what needs to be done.

2. “I’m betraying my family.” – Deciding to see a counselor isn’t betrayal. We are respectful of your family traditions, beliefs, and loyalty to your family. Any concerns can be discussed in the first session.

3. “I don’t believe talking helps my problem.” – Emotional pressure can be relieved by talking about your problems in a nonjudgmental environment. Counseling and therapy is more than talking, it is a way of understanding who we are and how we relate to the world. It provides a new way of looking at your problems and opens up new choices.

4. “I can talk to my friends, why should I talk to a stranger?” – Although friends can be helpful, they are not properly trained in the psychological dynamics that we experience as humans. In addition friendships work both ways, each person puts effort into the relationship and therefore a mutual exchange of talking and listening takes place. In a counseling environment, the focus is on you.

5. “Seeing a counselor means I’m crazy.” – Counseling isn’t about being crazy, sick or any of those things. It is about helping you address a situation that you are having trouble doing on your own. In the case of pre-marital counseling, it is more about what to expect in marriage, common problems seen in marriage and how to develop a healthy way of dealing with those. People haven’t started their marriage yet, so the problems are few if any, it is preparation. Just like you would prepare for anything else.

6. “Counseling is a sign of weakness.” – This is just not true. It takes courage to go to counseling and it provides a way to resolve your difficulties. In many cases it is the best decision you can make and will only benefit you in your journey.

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