Fears of Counseling

As Licensed Professional Counselors in Dallas, we encounter many different types of fears related to seeing a therapist or counselor. We provide a variety of counseling services for the Dallas area. In this article we’ll discuss some of the common fears of counseling we see and provide some facts related to those fears. Fears are different depending on the area of counseling needed. For example the fear of Marriage Counseling is usually significantly different than the fear of Grief Counseling. Although seeing a counselor or therapist can be a little uncomfortable for some individuals, ultimately it can provide a solution for the issues they are experiencing.

Some fear counselors because they fear their issue is too vague, disturbing or embarrassing to talk about with a therapist. Regardless of your individual and unique situation or concerns, we have a professional counselor who is willing to listen and to help in the situation.

Others fear that seeing a counselor or therapist means they are crazy, weird or somehow sick. This is definitely not the case. There are some cases that may require further attention outside of counseling. But, many consider counseling because they are stuck in some area of their life; socially, in their marriage, in an addiction, or a loss of a loved one. Most of us experience times in life that are harder than others. Seeking help during these times is a sign of strength and is a very good step in resolving the hardships.

Some of our patients fear that talking about attempting to deal with the issues they are experiencing will only make the situation worse. It is true that the counseling process can be challenging. However, the benefits of resolution, learning about oneself and uncovering items to be aware of far outweighs the effects of not dealing with the issues.

Many individuals don’t know how to start and fear taking that first step of contacting an LPC or therapist. It is common to feel uneasy about any new situation. A new job, marriage, a new family member, etc. But, our counselors are capable of taking you through your situation slowly and thoroughly. Deciding to try counseling is a big step, but a very important one in the recovery of your situation or experience.

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