One Major Misconception When Dealing With Addiction Recovery

Addiction is a difficult subject. Many have opinions, but not all opinions come from personal experience. Addicts hear all kinds of advice from family and friends. Especially when struggling with addiction. Everyone wants to help. Most of the time this help produces an opposite outcome.

One Major Misconception When Dealing With Addiction Recovery

An addict’s struggle includes a consistent fight with their thoughts. Changing the way you think is one goal when entering recovery. When people you love start throwing opinions of your sickness at you, duck and weave. Listen to people active in recovery. Possessing longevity in regards to clean time is key. Don’t bet the farm on somebody’s opinion with whom you’re getting high.

One major misconception you will hear when trying to get clean and sober:  Just don’t use your drug of choice.

  • As long as you don’t partake in (fill in the blank) you will be fine.
  • Use (fill in the blank) instead of (fill in the blank).

This little gem of advice keeps people sick for years. Trying to limit your intake to drugs and/or alcohol you do not prefer will not work.

Deciding If You Are An Addict

You decided you are an addict for good reason. People who are not addicts never misdiagnosed themselves as addicts. You found some aspect of your life unmanageable due to your substance abuse.

Congratulations, this is admitting you are an addict. You are filling a void inside of you. You are acting obsessively and compulsively. You want to change the way you feel because the reality isn’t your cup of tea. Whatever the situation, changing your poison is not helpful. Trading one for another will eventually lead you back to your drug of choice or breed a new addiction. It is inevitable.


If you are struggling with addiction, acceptance is essential. You cannot partake in any drugs or alcohol no matter what the flavor. If you do, you are not clean and sober. Nor will you be as long as you continue using any substances.

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