Marital Infidelity Does Not Have to Mean it’s Over

Contrary to what you may be feeling right now, a spouse’s marital infidelity does not mean your relationship is over. Infidelity is likely a symptom of an ongoing problem that now needs to be addressed immediately. Although extremely damaging to a marriage, the damage of infidelity is not usually irreparable.

Marital Infidelity Does Not Have to Mean it's Over

After the dust settles, do you really want to never see your spouse again? Or if you have children, do you want to see your spouse with a new partner when he or she picks up or drops off the kids? You are hurt and humiliated and understandably so, but being too proud to forgive your spouse or trying to get revenge will not take away any of that pain or shame. Don’t compound what you are already going through by causing yourself even more problems.

Statistics show that divorce is bad for children. Even if you don’t have kids, the breakup will take its toll on you physically, mentally, and spiritually. Do whatever it takes to get your spouse into counseling with you for a last-ditch attempt to salvage the marriage.

Infidelity is a wake-up call, but after successful marital counseling, spouses can actually fall head over heels for each other all over again. Meeting with a therapist can force the two of you to address underlying issues and give you the tools to get past this.

For example, as wrong as adultery is, you may find that a little jealousy can help reignite the passion in your marriage. That said, you will need to learn how to avoid bringing up the subject of the affair. You will also need to communicate what each of your needs in the relationship. A therapist can help you work through all of these issues.

Marriage is a series of ups and downs. You have probably always loved each other, but it is natural to have fluctuations in your feelings for each other. A good marriage counselor can educate you in such a way that you will learn to prevent any future affairs even during the hard times. There is something about overcoming an obstacle that brings couples closer together than ever. People who have successfully pushed through after an affair will tell you that they are happier than they have ever been.

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