5 Signs of Depression You Shouldn’t Ignore

A mood disorder that affects 350 million people globally, depression robs its victims of happiness, fulfillment, and energy.  The symptoms may surprise you, however. These are the top five signs of depression that shouldn’t be ignored.

5 Signs of Depression You Shouldn't Ignore

Enduring Sadness

This is not a case of the Mondays; it is a sadness that permeates every aspect of an individual’s life that lasts for weeks, months, or even years. There is nothing an individual does that alleviates the sadness, and often the sadness spirals down into hopelessness.

Loss Of Interest

If all of a sudden an individual loses interest in their normal activities, depression may be to blame. A loss of interest can appear in the form of withdrawal from social activities, sudden poor performance at work, or even decreased sex drive.

Fatigue and Sleep Problems

Fatigue and sleep problems are some of the physiological symptoms of depression and are some of the only symptoms that can be quantified. The body reacts to depression by becoming so tired that an individual cannot perform daily tasks, or sleeps far more than normal. On the other end of the spectrum, the individual may be fatigued, but insomnia grips them, and they are unable to sleep at all.


Becoming irritated at things that are non-consequential is often an early sign of depression. Whether an individual is irritated by friends, family members, or even their boss, the general distaste for everything is difficult to shake.


The final symptom of depression that you shouldn’t ignore is anxiety. While anxiety by itself is a different mood disorder, anxiety coupled with other symptoms signal depression. An individual with anxiety constantly worries over decisions to make or decisions already made, and if they made the correct one. They worry about the future and about things that they cannot change, including other’s thoughts.

If you or a loved one are experiencing any of these signs of depression, contact us. You can get on the road to recovery with the professionals at Family Restoration Counseling.