Move Past Shame Through Christian Counseling

There is a scripture in the Bible (Matthew 5:45) that reads “…For he makes his sun rise on the evil and good and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.” This passage lets us know that even as Christian believers, everyone goes through hard seasons. How we chose to navigate those moments and what we learn from them, is what ultimately defines us as individuals. As a Christian, it’s easy to hide behind our Sunday morning church persona. The look of the happy family, the solid marriage and the loving spouse is often just a mask we use to protect ourselves from perceived judgement. However the truth behind our smiles and warm greetings is that there is a family dealing with deep hurts. Not only dealing with the pain of the issues they struggle with privately, but carrying the weight of shame because they don’t feel like they can ask for help.

Move Past Shame Through Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling can help families realize that first and foremost, Christ loves us even when we face struggles. We don’t have to be ashamed because our family is experiencing some type of crisis. While we know that hurtful things were said or done and mistakes were made, forgiveness is possible. Just as we believe we have been forgiven of our sins, counseling can help us forgive each other and learn to move beyond the pain of past situations.

Christian Counseling also provides families with a safe, confidential environment. While many Pastors offer counseling services to the membership and community, attending counseling services away from your place of worship can often help alleviate the pressures of maintaining your family’s privacy.

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A note about COVID-19:
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