Counselors: Helping People Regain Their Quality of Life

Are you or a loved one suffering in the aftermath of loss? The loss of any significant attachment can result in painful feelings of grief. Grief resulting from the death of a beloved is well-known. Importantly, grief can also be a natural reaction to divorce, separation, job loss, and many other types of losses. Losing one’s health, whether through chronic illness, terminal illness, or accident, is also a significant form of loss that can result in grief.

Counselors: Helping People Regain Their Quality of Life


Most people don’t need a professional counselor to help them navigate loss. However, there are times when people can feel stuck in their losses. This sense of being stuck can interfere with a person’s quality of life. Importantly, an individual may not know why he feels stuck, wherein the adjustment process he is, how to move beyond being stuck, or even recognize being stuck in his loss. When this happens Professional counseling can help empower a person to regain and maximize a meaningful quality of life.


Awareness is central to the process of adjusting to the loss. Lacking awareness, possibly a protective buffer zone, can restrict a person’s adjustment to loss. A counselor can safely encourage an individual to explore and recognize her feelings. As her awareness increases so too do her emotional strength.

Regaining a Meaningful Quality of Life

You may have heard the saying, “Loss is a part of life,” which is true, but it doesn’t go on to share how challenging the associated pain can be. At Family Restoration Services we have empathetic compassionate counselors dedicated to helping people adjust to their losses. If you or someone you care about is struggling with regaining a meaningful quality of life after a significant loss, we are here to help.