Three Common Misconceptions About Addicts

We’ve seen it everywhere. From books to movies, to media presentation, to news reports, our culture constantly tries to paint us that generalizing picture that addicts and people who’re addicted to something are weak, feeble-minded people who live on the street mumbling to themselves. That they’re something to avoid and vilify so that our children … Read moreThree Common Misconceptions About Addicts

One Major Misconception When Dealing With Addiction Recovery

Addiction is a difficult subject. Many have opinions, but not all opinions come from personal experience. Addicts hear all kinds of advice from family and friends. Especially when struggling with addiction. Everyone wants to help. Most of the time this help produces an opposite outcome. An addict’s struggle includes a consistent fight with their thoughts. … Read moreOne Major Misconception When Dealing With Addiction Recovery

Maintaining Your Sobriety Through The Holidays

As the holidays approach, many in recovery find the forced social situations less than enjoyable. As the work parties, social gatherings and family feasts begin, so does the steady flow of alcohol and in some situations, the drama and triggers which test one’s sobriety. In a perfect world a person in recovery could enjoy these … Read moreMaintaining Your Sobriety Through The Holidays