Signs That You Need Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling is beneficial for several reasons. The counselor can get to the root of the issues that are causing problems in your marriage, and he can make recommendations that might give you a better understanding of yourself and your spouse. You are probably seeing certain problems in your marriage and wonder if it’s time to divorce or seek counseling. Here are some signs that you need marriage counseling.

Signs That You Need Marriage Counseling

Poor Communication


If you feel that you have tried to express concerns to your spouse but he doesn’t want to understand where you’re coming from, then there is probably a breakdown in the understanding and communication. Or maybe the arguments are getting more frequent, and your spouse throws insults instead of communicating his frustration in a mature way. With marriage counseling, the therapist can help the two of you figure out a better communication strategy.


Lack of Sexual Intimacy


Sexual intimacy is one of the most important expressions of marital love, but when there is a lack of it in the marriage, this is a strong sign of the need for counseling. Maybe it’s been more difficult to maintain a healthy sex life after having children or due to the effects of a serious illness such as cancer. When you get help from a counselor, you can gradually rebuild the intimacy you once had.




This could be emotional, sexual or financial. If there is infidelity in your marriage or if you have suspicions about it, this is a sign that you should seek counseling. Infidelity can occur because of the above-mentioned reasonbut also because of the stresses of everyday life. Infidelity causes many divorces, but it is also possible for a marriage to survive in spite of the heartbreak.

When you get continuous counseling from a marriage therapist, your relationship could be saved.


You’re More Like Roommates Than A Couple


Has it gotten to the point where the two of you don’t do the same activities together the way you used to? It is normal for your interests, values, and beliefs to change over time but when it looks as if you are going in two different directions, then this is a red flag. A marriage counselor can develop strategies for bringing back the unity and spark back into your relationship.

If you need compassionate counseling for your marriage, contact us.  Our trained counselors will help you and your spouse rebuild your relationship so that it thrives.