Help Your Loved One Acknowledge the Pain of Addiction

Help Your Loved One See The Truth

The pain of addiction hurts family members and extends to those who do not live in the same household. An entire family will suffer together, emotionally, physically, and environmentally. Children usually endure the most damage, but work and home duties, along with other relationships are affected according to the American Addiction Centers. When you have come to the point where you know things need to change, you begin to wonder what you can do to help a loved one seek help.

Check out these five ways to help your loved one acknowledge the pain of addiction:

Help Your Loved One Acknowledge the Pain of Addiction

Speak Only Through Love

Confronting someone can automatically put the person on defense. Usually, this will not be the first confrontation about the pains of addiction behavior. To help curb the defensive attitude, check your motives, make sure you deal with any resentment and bitterness and let it go so you can speak out of love. This is not saying you are not hurt, it is about approaching the topic knowing that many addicts truly do not realize the harm they have been causing or feel powerless to stop.

Continue Patience and Forgiveness

Addiction recovery is a journey and long-term commitment. There are ups and downs as the statistic for relapse is 40%-60% . To be a support system for a loved one you must remember to not expect perfection but to be gracious and forgiving while holding steady boundaries and encourage them to keep going on their recovery path.

Be an Example of Healthy Living

Recovery takes support. If your loved one uses a legal substance, it is best if no one in their home or direct support system is using that substance. Be a light and a way for them to be pulled forward. It is important for the addict to hear words of hope and to have positive realistic support.

Set Boundaries and Keep Them

Know what to say yes to and how to say no.  Many times there are enablers in the addict’s life, this person needs to see their role and to modify accordingly.  If the addict has a family, it is best if everyone attends counseling as addiction affects the whole family and recovery needs to as well.

Have Resources Ready and Available

Be prepared with the names of counselors and centers who have already been contacted and are ready to help. Recovery is hard and it is important to get going as soon as the addict is ready to step forward.

What to Expect Next

Here at Family Restoration Counseling, we understand the pain of addiction and the process of recovery. We are ready to talk you through the conversation that needs to be had and to meet with those affected by addiction. Contact us today, we are here for you.

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