Counseling for Postpartum Depression

Counseling can be a challenging with children. For parents who stay at home, juggling a schedule is no easy task. And many parents will forgo therapy or counseling because it is too hard to work in on a consistent basis.

When you as a person need some help, when you need counseling, you have to make time for it. It will benefit not only you, but your entire family.

In a recent study, phone counseling for postpartum depression shows to be useful for mothers unwilling to seek therapy in person. In this study mom’s who were unwilling to go to a counselor in person did show progress by talking with other mom’s that had previously experienced the disorder and had recovered. The mom’s found that the conversations helped relieve symptoms.

One in seven women experiences postpartum depression. Most do not seek help because they think they don’t have time or that the counseling will be too expensive.

Symptoms of postpartum depression are: sadness, insomnia, feelings of shame or guilt, difficulty making decisions and difficulty bonding with the baby.

Many moms that experience postpartum depression have previously experienced depression before they were pregnant.

Whatever the issue or depression you may be experiencing, Family Restoration Counseling in Dallas is here to help you through the process. Our licensed counselors have years of training and experience. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.