Christian Counseling Can Strengthen Your Life and Your Faith

People of every faith go through challenging times. Whether you need marriage counseling, help healing from a personal trauma or someone to guide you through the struggles of mental illness, it makes sense to seek counseling that is consistent with your faith.  Here are three reasons to seek faith-based counseling as a Christian.

Christian Counseling Can Strengthen Your Life and Your Faith

Shared Values

Many secular counselors are kind and caring people who provide much help to those in need. However, a Christian counselor combines skills learned in professional training as well as values taken from the Bible.

This combination makes your counseling experience more full and specific to you. Your Christian counselor will understand when you talk about how your faith affects your personal life and the feelings you may be feeling about whether or not your life is following a Biblical path.

Prayer Power

As a Christian, you probably know that prayer can make a huge difference in people’s lives. Your Christian counselor understands that as well and will encourage you to pray about what is bothering you. Your counselor can also help you strengthen your relationship with a spouse or child by guiding you in developing a prayer life together.

Your Christian counselor may also pray with you, an activity that provides comfort and a sense of well-being.

Healing in Christ

A Christian counselor will approach therapy with the intention of leading you deeper into a relationship with the greatest counselor of all, Jesus Christ. Christian counseling helps you further experience the love of Jesus with an intensity that leads you to be all that you were created to be.

When you seek to counsel for any reason, consider the benefits of counseling based on Biblical principles and grounded in your relationship with God.

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