How to Begin Couple’s Therapy

Couple’s therapy is a scary thought for some people to consider. Let seeking help for your relationship be a promising thought, not a scary one. If you and your partner seem to have the same fight over and over with no resolution, couple’s therapy can help you. Knowing that you, and hopefully your partner, are considering therapy is reassuring. You love and care about each other enough to fix the … Read moreHow to Begin Couple’s Therapy

How to Benefit from Couples Counseling

In order for couples counseling to actually work there are some things required from both parties involved. To get the most out of couples counseling you need to be honest during your sessions, give your time freely to improving your relationship, and own up to your part of the blame. Finding the right counselor for … Read moreHow to Benefit from Couples Counseling

Couples Therapy isn’t Just for Marriages

Most people think that couples therapy is designed to help married couples stay together. This is a huge misconception! Couples therapy is for any couple at any stage of courtship that needs guidance. There are many benefits for dating couples to attend counseling. Married couples aren’t the only pairs that need a boost of help from professional counseling. … Read moreCouples Therapy isn’t Just for Marriages