Could My Senior Loved One Benefit From Counseling?

Life after retirement is often viewed through the optimistic lens of younger generations who yearn for the freedom that comes with ending a career. However, the senior years are often filled with challenges that can leave seniors struggling to find a sense of purpose and overcome feelings of depression. As a family caregiver, your loved one’s best interests are always close to your heart. Watch for these signs that a senior may be in crisis and capable of benefiting from professional counseling.

Could My Senior Loved One Benefit From Counseling?r

Losing a Spouse

The loss of a spouse is devastating for seniors who not only lost a beloved companion but who may also be left living alone. Although grieving is normal, your senior loved one should still have occasional moments of happiness break through the sorrow. If your loved one seems to have given up hope or struggles with isolation, then it may be time to encourage them to seek help with learning how to move on.

Facing a New Health Diagnosis

The likelihood of developing a health problem increases during the senior years, and a diagnosis that involves long-term challenges can lead to depression. Spend time with your loved one, and observe how they manage their daily activities. Giving up, expressing frustration and anger during daily tasks or feeling anxiety about future problems are all signs that counseling will help them adjust to their new lifestyle.

Moving to a New Residence

Aging in place is a goal for which most people strive, yet it is not always possible for everyone to achieve. Moving at any age is stressful, and it is possible that your loved one may struggle with adjusting to their new home. This is especially common for seniors who have transitioned from an independent living situation to one that provides assistance. Counselors are trained to help seniors identify the positive aspects of moving, and talking about their experience helps seniors make a better transition.

Life events tend to occur at a rapid pace in the senior years, and it is common for a senior adult to experience multiple changes in a short period of time. Help your loved one adjust and enjoy positive wellbeing by contacting us today.