Working with an Addiction Counselor on Achieving Long-Term Recovery

Do you know what it takes to achieve long-term recovery? Right now, you probably cannot see the forest for the trees. It may have taken you a while to admit that you had a problem. However, working with an addiction counselor is instrumental in turning things around.

Working with an Addiction Counselor on Achieving Long-Term Recovery

Understanding Addiction

Addiction isn’t just a phase you can quit at will. Rather, it refers to a compulsion that is beyond your control. You have probably already tried cutting down or stopping altogether. You were not able to do so. That is okay.

How an Addiction Counselor Helps You Make Changes

The addiction counselor is your guide toward healing. There is not one approach that works for everyone. Therefore, the counselor begins by assessing you. For example, many people have an underlying mood disorder that triggers substance abuse. Examples could include anxiety or depression.

When you learn to manage this disorder, you remove triggers that lead to substance abuse. However, not everyone experiences these triggers. As a result, your addiction counselor customizes a care protocol for you. There are several possible treatment approaches.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy. It is an excellent resource for changing self-destructive patterns.
Dialectical behavior treatment. This therapy emphasizes the importance of regulating your feelings.
Dual diagnosis treatment. It is a must for clients with co-occurring mental health disorders.
Family therapy or couples counseling. It encourages loved ones to rebuild trust and communication skills.

You may experience some upsets along the way. This development is not uncommon and should not deter you from continuing treatment. Best of all, your counselor will be there to assist you and work through the situations as they arise.

Staying in it for the Long Run

Substance abuse is not something you overcome overnight. However, each day, it gets better and better. Stick with the care protocol your addiction counselor puts together for recovery as well as relapse prevention. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.