Why Individual Therapy is Good For Adults (Part 2)

Welcome back to the second half of our two-part series on the benefits of individual therapy for adults. In part one, we covered how important it is to have someone considerate and discreet to talk to when you need to work out adult feelings about work or people you know, along with how a counselor can help you to meet your personal goals.

Why Individual Therapy is Good For Adults (Part 2)

Dealing with Stress

Let’s face it, it’s stressful being an adult. All the emotions you politely don’t share still build up inside of you in the form of stress. When you feel the need to yell or run or rock out, this is stress releasing itself, but not always in the most efficient way. Your therapist can help you find productive and safe ways to deal with stress, from talking it out to buying a punching bag and really going to town. The right solution depends on who you are and the kind of stress you’re dealing with, and an individual therapist will explore methods with you that you can then take home and implement on your own.

You Can Always Come Back

It’s okay to leave therapy when things are going well and come back when you need another talk. Many adults do this as a way to manage their personal stress. This in no way violates the ‘grownups do things on their own’ clause, because hiring a professional to help you make good decisions is a legitimate form of handling things on your own, without bothering friends or loves ones with issues you feel are personal matters to be dealt with independently.

The key to being a smart grownup is knowing when to ask for help, and who to go to. Just like going to the doctor is a good idea when you’re sick, going to your therapist is a good idea when you have emotions or personal challenges that feel overwhelming. From stress at work to tough parenting decisions at home, therapists are professional sources of advice and peace of mind, and adults have a lot to gain from seeking individual therapy when they need it. If you’d like more information or to discuss starting individual adult therapy contact us┬átoday.