Daisy Reynolds

Position: LPC-A (Supervised by Lance Gardner, LPC-S)

Daisy is passionate about helping adults and couples determine the changes they need or want to make in their lives to meet their goals, whether those goals are personal, relational, or professional. Change is a natural part of life, and yet it can be challenging and even, at times, paralyzing. However, change can also provide us with opportunities to grow and become the kind of people we aim to be.

Finding out what those goals are and how to get there is a collaborative process between client and therapist. Daisy is consistently inspired by people who show resilience and persevere through very tough times as they seek solutions to their problems. She is honored to walk with them as they make that journey and is always changed by the process as well.

In particular, Daisy is passionate about working with couples who are seeking to improve their relationship, those who are struggling with interpersonal conflict, identity development, communication, life stage transitions, depression and anxiety, stress-management, self-esteem issues, and grief, loss, and trauma. She is also happy to provide faith-based counseling if it is requested by a client.

Daisy earned a Master of Counseling from Criswell College, and is supervised by Lance Gardner, LPC-S. She loves the outdoors and spends almost as much time in her backyard as she does inside her house. She enjoys cycling, reading, and trying out new hobbies, in addition to walking her dog, Lily, whom she lovingly refers to as a “Terrier-ist.”

Session Fee: $135