Month: January 2018

How to Benefit from Couples Counseling

In order for couples counseling to actually work there are some things required from both parties involved. To get the most out of couples counseling you need to be honest during your sessions, give your time freely to improving your relationship, and own up to your part of the blame.

How to Benefit from Couples Counseling

  1. Finding the right counselor for both people is a must. Terry Gaspard, a social worker, speaks of the importance of finding a therapist both partners are comfortable with. “If both parties don’t feel comfortable with the therapist, this can negatively impact progress,” Gaspard explains.
  2. Gaspard also explains how important giving your time is to show your dedication. Showing up for sessions is not enough. You have to commit to working on your relationship during regular daily life as well, practicing healthy communication and other skills taught during appointments.
  3. Know what you want to learn and gain from couple’s therapy. Racheal Tasker, a relationship expert, suggests making both short-term and long-term goals. “Think about what it is you hope to get from your marriage counseling before you enter your first session,” Tasker says. Doing this will help you focus on what will really benefit the relationship and stop you from focusing on the little arguments that arise in everyday life.
  4. Be open and honest. It is hard to lay it all on the line. You might be afraid of hurting your partner’s feelings, their reaction, or afraid to show your vulnerable side. Your therapist will help you communicate in a more effective and positive manner. You can only change yourself, so being open will help you learn healthier ways to react and behave to better your relationship.
  5. Realize that you contributed to the problems in the marriage. It’s important to be honest with everyone, especially yourself, on how you are to blame for the issues in your relationship.

Motivation and commitment to counseling is paramount to making your relationship work. Setting goals of what you would like to accomplish will help couples fully benefit from couple’s counseling. You can find a couples counselor here.

A Look at Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling is a look at life’s problems from the perspective of the Bible. The bible is a perfect reference for the issues we face in life because it contains solutions that God has guided. The best part is they are applicable to everyday life.

A Look at Christian Counseling

The problem with self

When we look at life from our own perspective, it isn’t fair and is full of disappointment and misery. Responding to life based on biblical principles, not only pleases and honors God; it changes how we respond to the events in our lives. This does away with self-gratification making way for a Christ-centered life.

Our past does not define us

The past is full of guilt and torment as those failures and hurts continually haunt us on a daily basis. This brings about anger and bitterness that tend to control our thoughts and feelings. Lastly, we will fear and worry about the future. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Tools for building change

Counseling from Scripture provides the tools needed to defeat the past, transform the present and provide hope for the future. The Bible provides solutions to change negative feelings into positive responses. It isn’t pleasant but God uses everything we experience to strengthen us.

Effective change

Changing ourselves to match a biblical perspective is an ongoing process. Every day we have to make choices to follow and seek God’s will for our lives. Christian Counseling helps you learn what the Bible teaches about your experiences and how to change your reactions to life into habits that are God-honoring.

Christian Counseling applies to everyday life, to everybody in every season of life. Our experienced counselors are here to help you with real solutions to work toward a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle. Please consider allowing us to help you get started on your journey to a healthier you.