Hitting Rock Bottom: Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery is something that you should be proud to say you are in.  Addiction, like cancer, is a disease in which the word “cure” does not really exist.  Instead, the word remission is used to describe someone who is no longer using what they were once addicted to.  The truth is, recovering from addiction is … Read moreHitting Rock Bottom: Addiction Recovery

Christian Counseling in Marriage: How is it different?

The American Psychological Association reports that 40%-50% of marriages in the United States end in divorce. Even with headlines screaming the messy details of Brangelina’s breakup or the end of the Blake Shelton/Miranda Lambert marriage, these statistics are still staggering. How many marriages could be saved if the couples sought marriage counseling? The answer doesn’t … Read moreChristian Counseling in Marriage: How is it different?