Month: June 2015

Top Marriage Stressors

What are the top marriage stressors? We’ll look at what most couples struggle with. Receiving marriage counseling can assist in overcoming these marriage stressors and help to strengthen your marriage long-term. This is also a good education for those in per-marital counseling.

Communication: Communication is key to any relationship, especially marriage. If you can’t adequately communicate, then you had a larger problem than you thought. Our spouses are our closets allies, and they are on our side. So what shouldn’t we communicate with them? Any issue you have with your spouse will have to be discussed at some point, so why wait?

Money: Finances are an important part of marriage. But, they don’t have to be the root of issues between you and your spouse. Whether you have a little money or a large amount, you aren’t immune to money woes. Again communication is key to avoiding stress in your marriage over money. Do you agree on how you spend your money? Is one spouse better with money than the other? Are you both “bad” with money? If so seek financial counseling to help you manage money better.

Growing Apart:
We all develop and grow as we age and sometimes we change in that process. Make sure you are still doing things you like to do together. Between careers and kids, many couples leave no time for each other. It is important that you have time together doing the things you enjoy doing.

Infidelity: Infidelity can cause a lot of pain and stress on a marriage. Our marriage counseling offers great insight, and restoration for couples in this situation. First remember to save your marriage you must communicate. And sex probably wasn’t the reason for the person to cheat, the issue is most likely much deeper.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health There is hope to overcome the pain of substance abuse and succeed. We offer counseling services directly related to these issues as well. In addition marriage counseling may be needed to aide the process. Seek the help needed so that you can save your marriage and move forward in a better way.

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Dallas Marriage Counseling – The Real Problem With Marriages

Marriage Counseling is one of our most common services and provides specific responses to specific issues in the marriage we are assisting with. As a Marriage Counselor in Dallas, we see a variety of couples in different circumstances and situation.

If you were to enter a bookstore you’d find an endless supply of marriage resources that all seem to have the feel of 5 easy steps. Many of the marriage resources list some items, almost a checklist of things to do. If you read 5-6 marriage books, you’d most likely have 25-30 items on your checklist that you should be doing every day or at least on some consistent basis.

It seems that anyone reading these types of marriage resources would come out more confused and overwhelmed than anything else. Some give up and don’t take any steps at all to improve their marriage. Others start off trying to make a difference, but lose interest or the desire to continue.

Our lives are busy, between work, kids sports, school and other activities, couples must make time for their marriage. For marriages to grow, we must nurture the ability to care for what is important to our spouse.

So what is the real problem with marriages? Mostly communication. It sounds simple doesn’t it? Communication isn’t hard to understand it is hard to do. Many disagreements in marriages could most likely be avoided if better communication were taking place. Communication about finances, sex, future plans and kids. All of these topics could be less of an issue if couples had better communication in their marriages.

Another issue is the selfishness in our marriages. Most people don’t have any problem feeling compassion for a person on tv or on a street corner or even someone we just met. But, we don’t have any stake in their problems. When it is an issue your spouse and that issue interferes with you…it is easier to push it away or ignore it than it is to listen and do something about.

Take the time to look at it from their perspective and feel what they are feeling. Your marriage will benefit and you’ll become a better communicator.

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